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Important updates

Hey guys it's been too long since I have written here!

Quite a few things are going on and currently I am very, VERY busy having just done a preppers convention last weekend and with the Self Reliance Festival in Camden TN coming up, Georgia Bushcraft's Spring Gathering, then BladeShow!!!

Lord willing after all that I can take a bit of a breather and work on the next little legendary project that I have in store for people who share my particular addiction. Teaser- the next collab is a DOOZY.

ANYWAYS! A few of the things that I want to do include finally standardizing my product line and finding ways to drop prices as much as I possibly can so that I can make it as easy as possible to get knives into people's hands.

One of the ways that I intend to do that coming up as I have mentioned on YouTube will be by offering uncoated, stonewash blades in A2 steel. This will allow me to offer a small savings- it won't make a huge difference, but it will help while simultaneously giving everyone the high carbon option that so many including myself have been wanting.

Another change that may be more controversial is I intend to drop my wood boxes all together. This will allow me to save on shipping which I need desperately, it will allow me to be able to ship on the road (those boxes take up SO MUCH SPACE!), and it will further help me get my prices down just that small amount more. (If inflation doesn't soak up whatever changes I make! Sometimes keeping prices consistent is just as good as dropping prices in the scheme of things in the long term)

Diversifying revenue will also help me keep prices low with things like the T Shirts which are currently in stock and other things like additional accessories for your knives like my Chroma made handle scales and Ulti Clips and custom kydex!

Businesses can price themselves out of business, not giving themselves enough margin to effectively invest and grow the brand and I think we can see that actually quite a bit in the knife industry and that is something that I have to be cautious of but I am going to do everything that I can without crossing that line to get these prices as low as I possibly can because I know it's hard to spend your hard earned money on a premium knife. (Also, just FYI, once you do it once and see what it's all about there is no going back haha ;-))

That's all I have for now, NO MORE BOXES- remember to use coupon code "blogger" at checkout as a special thank you for reading my poorly written blog posts!

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It feels cool that I have a few boxes now. Totally understandanle decisions & that's amazing you want your knives in more hands. Also, RIP Pocket Strop 😔.

Me gusta
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