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The AdventureCraft is the knife that started it all for Exodus Knife & Tool- the concept was to get a premium blade at an affordable price that people would want to, and would be able to, carry EVERYWHERE! With a 3" blade and a 4" handle while weighing in at just 3oz the AdventureCraft is EASY to carry, and it slicy and robust enough for all of your edc chores, as well as being incredibly practical for bushcraft and emergency chores as well!

While the AdventureCraft is a finess knife, carrying a full tang knife on you every day will still give you the piece of mind needed on your Adventures, expected or otherwise, and the fact that it is so easy to carry guarantee's that if you find yourself needing a knife, you will have it!

Like all current XK&T blades, the AdventureCraft is made by White River Knives of CPM S35VN steel- a modern super steel with the edge holding, toughness, sharpenability, and stainless characteristics you need from a knife you want to rely on every day!