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The Hidden Woodsmen Is Almost Sold Out- And The Brick Craft Is Next!

Alright guys it's been too long since I did a blog post. I got back from Georgia Bushcraft's Spring Gathering recently and life has been NONE STOP since! The Hidden Woodsmen collaboration has been a HIT and I still have a few left! Once they are gone they are GONE till (Lord willing) the 2025 special collaboration with THW, which will feature different colors and options.

Next up is the special Brick Edition adventurecraft which has been affectionately dubbed the BrickCraft! I intend to drop this blade this Saturday at noon! This might be the MOST EXCITING special edition that I have EVER done! The first 50 have a special cerakote that has some sparkles in it! After this first batch the rest will be a more matte yellow cerakote. This is a design that I want to keep around and even build upon going forward!

As you can see I ALREADY HAVE THESE IN HAND!!! This is the coolest thing EVER!

And for the next few projects? Well I'll have a special drop of trout knives featuring a near polish finish, trout scales, and clear kydex as well as knives in cpm 1v, a new production line of knives in A2, a special collaboration with Forged AF for scales in copper, and possibly some special editions in copper and or brass that will fit the factory kydex with Lucas Carroll!

Oh... and maybe the Mutant 2!!!

And if you aren't excited about all that, for my REAL OG's there is a special, CRAZY collab with Dry Creek Forge coming too... the SUPERKHUK!

Man, I wish all of my blog posts could be this exciting! I feel like I am finally building up momentum and Lord willing once this train is rolling it won't stop for anything. Hop on board while you can!

And make sure to use coupon code "blogger" for a discount!

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Such a huge year for XK&T. 💪🏼


looks like i will be saving up for that superkhuk.

Replying to

So this particular super khuk will be a 1 of 1. It is the last remaining SK of the original batch!!! We are going to do it up super gucci and try to auction it for as much as we can. The proceeds will go towards the materials and water jetting for a small collaboration batch of super khuks that will be less gucci, and sold more regularly.

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