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New T Shirts

Ok so I have some new t shirts dropping soon and they are currently available for presale. Please let me know what you think of them. I struggle between trying to get the absolutely cheapest apparel to get prices as rock bottom as possible and doing what I did here by paying (100% up front) for premium shirts to be used.

It seems to me that people often SAY they would pay extra for higher quality but then the sales don't seem to follow. It's a balance that I have yet to perfect.

With that being said these shirts will retail at $35 shipped and they are a premium tri-blend shirt, but currently they are available as a pre-sale for $30 shipped for the patient. I have 50 of them so there should be enough for everybody but you never know.

Now, if you are one of the true fanatics that intends to make the pilgrimage to Atlanta this year for blade show I will have a special knife that will be given away and every person who shows up at the table wearing XK&T gear will be entered! You will not have to be present to win on Sunday either so that is my small way of giving back to my existing supporters.

What are your thoughts on apparel? What is a t shirt or a hoodie worth to you? Will you pay over $30 for a t shirt or $60 for a hoody if the quality is there? Or regardless of quality will you pay no more than $15 for a t shirt and $30 for a hoody? I would love to hear your opinions on all things apparel!

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Its very difficult for me to spend $30 on a tshirt. Very very difficult.

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I feel that


I think if people are willing to pay more for a really good knife, then why not pay more for a better quality sweater or shirt too


I'd love to see a design on the back too. Any time I've been complimented on a shirt is when they see the back of it.

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I'll need to do that, you're right!

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