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XK&T is building momentum!

I just wanted to give you a quick update on what is going on around here in the Exodus brand- this last order was my largest order ever and I have found myself paying for promotion through Meta, and becoming Meta verified, and as much as I hate their social media and how they operate things are going well!

These larger order and higher sales numbers will lead to larger investments in the future and I have some stuff that I am VERY excited about coming up, from professionally illustrated art for T Shirts and stickers to FINALLY dropping the Legionnaire and getting the INSANE WorkHorse Collab knife dropped!

I also have the Georgia Bushcraft Fall Gathering coming up to which I intend to bring my first ever official full table top display! I think it will be the most wild show display attendees will have ever seen, I want to turn the industry standard on its head!

My long term goal has been to always have some knives in stock and to make sure that if people REALLY want to buy a knife that I will have a knife but that does not mean that I will stray from my roots, special editions and colors will continue to roll out and I will continue to buy new and exotic handle materials and kydex options for special runs because I LOVE it!

Thank you for coming along for the ride, things have been wild and I don't do a good enough job on showing the behind the scenes here but it is my goal to improve that! Keep an eye on the blog, I intend to drop some discounts and other things into here soon!

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