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WorkHorses Are In

WorkHorses came in today and already 2 of the 5 I had available are gone. I'll be shipping all night between the new orders and the existing pre orders, these are definitely my least favorite knives to ship haha

For you absolute legends who waited so long for your blade I have written your names down and I'll get you a t shirt as a thank you when I get an order in.

I can say at this point that there is little to no likelihood that a production workhorse in 3/8" thickness. I think seeing WorkHorses in 1/4 and even 3/16" thickness is much more likely in 15n20.

Maybe someday even K888 ;-)

Next up- Mutants in A2!

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I'm looking forward to the mutant.

Jacob Beach
Jacob Beach

Man me too!!!

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