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Well that went well

So I only have 2 knives left, 2 Od Green Jackalopes with black canvas micarta scales, and it is good to have some knives left over from the crazy rush. It just means that someone who comes here looking to buy a knife still has an option, and a darn cool option at that!

I hinted in a recent youtube video that I would have some secrets for my blog readers, so here we go- I just placed my next order which I hope to have in hand before Christmas. I will have 2 new standard colors, standard and hivis. The hivis is something totally new, I don't know of any production company that is doing it- I am doing red and white. Red blade, white G10 handle scales, red kydex sheath. I will do a whole video on it, but I think for a BROAD range of environments it is going to be a superior color combo that worldwide will attract the eye and immediately be associated with an emergency.

As for the standard color? Ill slip that the standard handles are natural canvas micarta, nothing too ground breaking there, but they will be cross cut, and for you distinguished connoisseurs of the blade, I think you will notice IMMEDIATELY and appreciate the affect. It is COOL.

And the reward- I am going to be ordering some stickers soon- email me at with your address by lets say... August of 2022 and Ill send one to you for free when they come in!

Thanks for reading, I appreciate ya~!

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