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Well that was crazy!

In the past few weeks I released 2 special edition knives which is a little bit wild! Now we are about 3 weeks out from BladeShow and I have so much to do!

I gave a LOT of clues as to what is coming in a recent blog post but now I can share even more- Lucas Carroll recently made a set of copper handle scales for an AdventureCraft that will fit right into the factory sheath and I am SO excited about the possibilities that will open- like shipwreck DEEPLY patina's blue copper scales on a DEEPLY patina's blade with crazy custom leather to brass and maybe even anodized aluminum!

In other news i also have more shirts coming in to restock my sold out sizes so all you XS to Lg sized people can grab one. Don't forget if you are going to Blade that EVERYONE who comes to the table wearing XK&T gear will be entered to win a free knife that they don't have to be present to win!

New shirts and stickers are also in the works- if you place an order and ask for a sticker that glows you'll get a surprise! ;-)

Use coupon code "blogger" for a discount!

Thanks for reading!

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