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Tonight is the night

These will go live at 9pm central time tonight. The last run of Mutants featured the cream of the crop custom sheaths whereas this drop will have sheaths that while still being custom will be more of a production level. The kydex will be by Black Bear Custom Kydex and modular accessories will be available for the sheaths that can be purchased and installed without sending your sheath in.

One of these knives will include a leather bushcraft style sheath by Michael Spanjers of Spirit of the Bear Designs.

This is the last that will ever be seen of this knife before it morphs into its full production form.

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White Rabbit
White Rabbit
Oct 21, 2022

What are the dimensions of this blade and handle? What are the proposed dimensions of the jackalope full production form blade and handle? Thanks!

Unknown member
Oct 21, 2022
Replying to

Wow... so in my rush i didnt think about reposting specs? Why? Idk Going back to get the specs i realized i didnt list them in the last batch either, and i didnt sell the first batch where i posted specs here. Aannddd im not home. So this is pitiful. The specs will be very close to a 5" blade and 5" handle, .200" stock thickness, and about 1" height. I believe it is exactly 25% larger than the Jackalope. The production model will have much more finger guard, some ridges in the scales, a different grind, and a fuller.

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