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The next collab?

You'll see the most here, because i figure the most up to date info SHOULD be on my blog!

This is the revelation blades workhorse- the first design I ever brought to the market. It was pretty fantastic except in execution.

I have considered adding a new more mainstream streamlined "workhorse" to my lineup for a LONG time, then it dawned on me... why not just bring the original workhorse back BETTER?

Rock and roll my dudes, i contacted New Jersey Steel Baron and im going to try to get these cut out and shipped to Garret at Bear Forest Knives.

Oh, and they will be .375" thicc...


Im guessing with our oal of about 13.5" and a blade height of almost 3" this chonkster will be about 24-26oz, and that will be with skeletonized tang.

Being so large and .375" thick (1084) will make the entire process difficult and expensive but i THINK the end result will be worth it!

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1 Comment

Rick C.
Rick C.
Mar 31, 2023

You'll be able to sell them to Ukraine for opening Russian tanks.

BTW, did you decide on a time for Sat's auction?

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