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The monsters have dropped

It's been awhile since I have done a proper post because I have been running in circles but a long time project has come to fruition-

I just received my first shipment of my collaboration with Bear Forest Knives- the WorkHorse.

Coming in at OVER 3/8" thicc this newest rendition of the first design I ever brought to market is an absolute tank. MASSIVE improvements over the original Nepalese made models include FAR superior fit and finish, heat treat, and consistency, 1084 steel, >3/8" stock thickness, and batoning jimping as inspired by Phil's EDC on Instagram (with his blessing of course!)

These knives currently sit at $575 shipped each with either kydex from Black Bear Custom Kydex or leather from Spirit Of The Bear Design but if I do another run these will be at least $575 with NO SHEATH. So although the price IS wild, there is no denying that, it will only go up.

Honestly this knife is a dream come true- I hope that at some point every person who is interested in one of these will be able to get their hands on one to at least use, it's a whole experience!

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Bruce Fruechte
Bruce Fruechte
08 nov 2023


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Mi piace
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