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The last drop, and the next drop

So, this drop has been going GREAT! The knives turned out fantastic, and as always you guys have really supported this little start up and gave me confidence that I can make this all work! And this emil epoxy lab micarta from Poland... HOLY CRAP do I need to order more of it! WRKT just makes this stuff POP!

For the next run- I am considering primarily ordering a huge batch of AdventureCrafts and Jackalopes in 1095 with Od Green Scales- with a few in S35vn, but then doing a pre order with quite a few handle options. Yall can lmk how you think that sounds. And Lord willing after the next drop we will be introducing a new model!!! Hopefully the AFSK- we will see!!!

There is some bad news- although all of the knives that were ordered quickly should arrive before Christmas- my printer ran out of ink- I SHOULD have ink by now since I ordered it before it was out on Sunday, but unexpected slow shipping and an unexpectedly high print rate has me in a bind- so any orders placed now wont ship until saturday, which means they wont go anywhere till monday, which means they probably wont arrive by Christmas. Kinda sucks!

Feel free to let me know what you guys want to see, thanks for the Love and support!

BTW- right now this Ionbond DLC/ PVD black coating costs an extra $30- is this something that I should offer more often? Lmk your thoughts!

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