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Sold out (but more is coming)

Ok guys- its been awhile! I got swamped with work, and broke part of my elbow, but I am BACK!

We are sold out on knives, however we MIGHT have have 1 more Jackalope available- we will see shortly.

WRK&T is working on another batch currently, although we may be a few months out. They will come with 90 degree square spines.

I am considering finishing my Airforce Survival Knife design, and opening my next LARGE order up with a pre order! This would give buyers the chance to get the knife color combinations that they want GUARANTEED, and it would also give people who want the new AirForce Survival knife first dibs!

Feel free to pester me as much as you would like on facebook and instagram, and make sure to be taking pictures and tagging me, I will repost everyone that I can! Sometimes I do miss a few, but a friendly reminder is all that it takes! Big things are happening here, let your friends know!

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