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Sale date and time & blog info

Alright Ill keep this short- The plan is for our Jackalope's and AdventureCrafts to go on sale Saturday the seventh at 8am central time. Get onto the website, get used to it, and get those browsers ready and running smoothly, because colors will probably sell out quickly- ESPECIALLY orange.

Current knives from the preorder are NOT YET all shipped- getting geared up for full scale shipping is taking longer, and is more difficult than expected! They couldn't make these boxes harder to fold if they tried, and this stuff takes up a LOT OF ROOM! But Ill get systems in place, and the process will become MUCH quicker.

Also, I will try to keep this blog updated weekly- so if you like seeing little updates or if you are waiting on product check it out now and again!

Finally- if you want to make SURE you see my emails- ALWAYS open them. If you ignore them or mark them as "read" without reading them your email will throw them into a spam folder QUICKLY. I always get screwed by WIX when sending emails.

Thanks for being awesome, see ya soon!

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