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Pre-Order Update

Hey guys, so right now I am not entirely sure where our holdup in the production line is, potentially the cerakote- but the original 8 month estimate is obviously out- however we WILL beat the 2 year deadline! haha by far.

I have been thinking the knives would be done every few weeks here for awhile, but I assure you when you get your knife, especially if you ordered custom options, it will be worth it, because we will not be doing pre orders or custom orders like this again. Its just too stressfull for me.

What I CAN say is that there was an important family death, AND marriage recently over at White River Knives- so I am not sure if that has an affect on our scheduling- or if this is simply due to supply issues that are covid (government) induced. All of White Rivers materials are US sourced- but with business' bending the knee to the tyrants than be and screwing their own work force mixed with record demand its a hard time to be making things, trust me.

Anyways, instead of offering pre orders I think I want to order much larger quantities, then release say- 10 knives a month, or something like that, so everyone only has to wait as much as a much for the next batch. I like this waiting process less than you guys do, I promise.

I greatly appreciate your patience, and I hope that your patience will be well rewarded! Yall are awesome.

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