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Pre Order Closed!

The pre order is closed, and it was a great success! The order will be going into WRK&T today, as well as my own order of knives to sell when this batch is ready.

I am going to try REALLY hard to have at least 5 special knives ready for bladeshow- and maybe some t shirts as well. Let me know through whatever your prefered method of comms is if you would like a t shirt. Im thinking the XK&T Bomb logo with "XK&T" in the center of the bomb, and "Let the dead bury the dead" around it. Thoughts? We will probably try to do this run of shirts through iron unicorn apparel- the do really premium work, and the owner is a Tactical Response Alumni. Alumnist? Yall know this blog wont be professionally written or edited... so one of those two words I am sure is correct. At least almost sure.

Anyways, big stuff is coming- I am going to work hard on getting some AMAZING new models out, and on getting options to bring the price down as far as I can. I want every enthusiast to be able to get one of these knives, because I believe they will earn more than what they cost for every user, and because the more people that get them, the more people will buy them!

Thank you for everything guys- your support means the world to me.

Jacob Peterson

Let the dead bury the dead

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