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Pre-Order? And a new model?

Hey guys, so we are currently waiting on the next batch of AdventureCrafts and Jackalopes from White River Knives, but if you follow me on Instagram and/ or Facebook, you probably know that i also have a prototype that i have been working on that is based on the Jackalope- which has been dubbed the Jackalope Xl prototype.

This proto began its life as a Jackalope, but settings got messed up and the file was made larger- resulting in some extra large Jackalopes being cut.

WRK&T reached out to me and mentioned that they would like to make them anyways and that they might actually be quite cool, even suggesting a bit of an unsharpened swedge- an idea that i thought was phenominal.

Now, i have been testing this prototype, and i believe it is AWESOME- the extra size and length of the knife made it practical for a larger variety of tasks- however it needed some tweaks to be more ideal for some of those tasks, most notably a more pronounced guard, and plunge lines moved up the blade, with a sharpening choil.

I plan to name this knife the mutant, not only for its origin story, but also for the broad range of tasks that it will accel at, from bushcraft and campcraft, all the way to, if needed, potentially a combat knife. I think the ease of carry, moderately light weight, higher toughness, while retaining the delicacy and finesse of the original design, will make this a truly unique blade.

And if i can get my design changes approved, we will prepare to open a pre order on it and AdventureCrafts and Jackalopes, hopefully in a range of colors.

What do you think? Are you stoked? I reckon you'll want to see some size comparisons huh!? Ill get some up on ig.

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