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Our Kydex

So since having production from WRK&T we have had 2 complaints about kydex being too tight- or having too much retention.

In both instances, White River loosened the retention for them, no problem- this may seem to some to show a need to change the retention level from the factory- however I do not plan to do so!

Once you get used to proper kydex I believe using almost anything else becomes in one way or another cumbersome- proper kydex should be able to hold a knife in perfect security with no extra buttons, snaps, or anything else; it should take some effort to snap free with the thumb, but then it should slide out after that point with little to no resistance- and upon insertion, it shoud slide in easily until the point of retention, then click in with an audible SNAP.

The problem is that if you simply tug on the sheath, it is hard to get out- that is good! You have to get used to using your thumb to pop it free. The problem is to some degree compounded by the AdventureCrafts small size, however I would prefer a few people get their sheaths adjusted by White River, or better yet stick with the sheath and get used to it, than have people losing their knives from their belt or neck.

White simply WRK&T has some of the best Kydex I have ever seen from a production company, and EVERY knife and EVERY sheath is EXACTLY the same. It is truly amazing.

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