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NoViz option testing

Here is a video link if you prefer that to reading.

NoViz will be a color option that may become a standard option where the ENTIRE knife will be coated so that only the edge shows any difference in color.

The color going into this will be "parkerized", a dark grey/ od green.

I had concerns about cerakotes toughness over micarta, so i have been testing it by carrying it for quite some time now and i believe this coating is actually TOUGHER and more resistant than any other handle material when it comes to resisting wear from carry and use.

However, i wanted to know how it would hold up to abuse that actually dents the micarta- my concern was chipping, so i held the knife on a boulder and hit it with a rock. I want to add that deep dents in micarta in my experience is actually pretty rare, even with sustained, hard use. Its a VERY tough material, and usually even if a knife is being beaten on its not held on such a hard, unmoving surface.

However, as expected, i did have some chipping and damage to the coating- but it isnt NEARLY as bad as it could have been, i am very impressed!

I have NO doubt that NoViz will work exactly as intended for a no glare, duty grade knife finish and at this point i do intent to go forward with offering this option.

What do you think?

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