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New Stonewash Finish

I wanted to give you guys a few updates on current Exodus manufacturing.

For one if you hadn't already noticed we have dropped the ferro notch. Although it seemed about 50/50 as to whether people loved it or hated it retailers and distributors didn't like it.

What that lead us to is this new stonewash finish shown in this short video. While the old stonewash finish was nearly a mirror finish the new one is more dull- less polished.

I believe that this will hide damage/ scratches better and it helps us get rid of the ferro notch without adding extra manufacturing steps.

I personally like the finish- but the more smooth, almost mirror like finish could possibly make a return for some special edition runs.

For the time being the more Grey finish will be the standard option however.

In other news I'll have some special Americana inspired knives available in live auction on my youtube channel this Friday the 23rd at 7pm central. The idea is to be able to make absolutely certain that people will be able to get their knives in time for the fourth. These knives feature red white and blue burlap micarta that was home made and although I could potentially do something similar in the future this material will never be exactly replicated. I had 1 small block of it made YEARS ago and again- it was simply hand made, so these first independence day special knives will be VERY rare.

I still have knives in stock at regular prices to include some Jackalope's at a special low price so if you are thinking about grabbing one dont sleep on it- i dont know when ill have product in stock again!

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Gregory Coker
Gregory Coker
09 авг. 2023 г.

Stonewash finish is cool man.

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