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LoViz and Shipping Update

Guys the sale is going ABSOLUTELY WONDERFULLY! I have been packing and shipping like a wild man!

All of the LoViz knives sold REALLY quickly, so I am thinking about getting more of those the next time around!

These LoViz though? A single picture can't do this color justice because it is a custom mix of cerakote colors to mimic parkerization, so the color looks different in different light! Sometimes it looks like a matte dark grey or even black, sometimes it looks like a matte light grey, and sometimes it looks OD Green!

WRK&T ABSOLUTELY NAILED this. I gave them this recipe and I couldn't have even imagined it coming out so well!

I hope this video does it justice, but man... I don't think it can!

Anyways, Ill be packing like an absolute wild man, and I am thinking that any orders placed within the next 2 days will still make it to you on time to get it under the tree! But we are cutting it close!

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