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Let's talk about next year

I still have some surprised left this year like the assortment of AdventureCraft's pictured above but I wanted to talk a bit about some ideas for next year. First and foremost NoViZ and LoViZ color schemes as we know them are going away because the custom mixture of cerakote is simply a pain in the butt for the shop.

That means if you really like them it would behoove you to grab them now. I think NoViZ Jackalopes are already sold out.

In the place of LoViZ I intend to have my knife models available in high carbon, likely A2 to start. The blades as standard will come uncoated and I am considering going with a dymalux (super stable, super tough plywood essentially) handle scale that looks like walnut along with an od green sheath, however it will be easier to keep the price down with natural micarta scales so that could also be an option. Depending on the price of this set of options and it's popularity this will likely become my "standard".

I may replace NoViZ as you know it now with a color scheme that is cerakoted a Patriot Brown from tip to pommel with an od green sheath for a very duty oriented non reflective option.

I do have a special edition run if knives that I will be collaborating with The Hidden Woodsmen on as well. These will be orange Jackalopes with natural burlap scales and the "The Hidden Woodsmen" logo alongside my own. Only 50 of these will be available, 1 of which will go to Malcolm. I would expect that these will sell quickly.

And CUSTOMS- This will be a WILD year for customs! From a collab with Primitive Bear Knives and Spirit Of The Bear Knives for custom stag handled Jackalopes in beautiful leather to Baker Forge billet San Mai ultra customs I intend to get all kinds of out of control this year!!!

Thanks for reading along and don't forget to use coupon code "blogger"

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Leonidas Plissken
Leonidas Plissken
Dec 17, 2023

Hidden Woodsmen edition?! Very cool 😎🇺🇸

Replying to

He has quality stuff.


Such a great year for XK&T. The next is looking fantastic. 💪🏼

Replying to

And it behooved me, so I picked up a NoViz 💪🏼.

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