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Knives in time for CHRISTmas!?

Hey guys!

So, i had hoped to have my entire order of knives about a month ago, but we hit a few speed bumps and in manufacturing, especially in the current climate, this is how things go!

Now as we get closer to Christmas i dont know if ill have my entire order in time, or just HiViz, but the timeline will be tight because ill want to be able to ship by the 17th to get them to yall in time.

Regardless, Lord willing ill have over 130 knives, but maybe it will be as few as 30, we will see!

Oh, and there are some other special features of the run that ill share in another post.

Standard colors are

HiViz- red cerakote blade with white g10 and red kydex

LoViz- parkerized cerakote blade with natural micarta scales and od green kydex

NoViz- parkerized cerakote EVERYTHING with od green kydex

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