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Knives in stock (deals & changes coming!)

So LoViz Jacks and AdventureCrafts are in stock for the moment and our next drop will be coming shortly with a few surprises.

Firstly, the Jackalope will be returning to its original design with no sharpening choil and no ferro rod notch, just a square spine.

The AdventureCraft is also losing its ferro rod notch and returning to a simple square spine.

Another exciting piece of news is that i am getting some overrun Jackalopes at a discount without boxes- stonewash blades with natural micarta. These will be sold at a relatively steep discount which will be uncommon. I actually expect these to come in below the cost of my most affordable AdventureCraft- or maybe even below the cost of distributor AdventureCraft's!!! (Big excite!)

Keep your eyes peeler as i have some pretty INSANE stuff coming up and if you are into rare xk&t stuff make sure to tune in at ThePreppersBunkerOutdoors April 1st for the most epic live auction ever where i will be generating revenue for the setup and tooling of the Legionnaire.

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1 Comment

Tino Bustamante
Tino Bustamante
Apr 15, 2023

I want to buy a standard Jackalope with sharpen soil and Fero rede feature.Please send available model price list.

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