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Knives in stock!

Alright I have knives in stock and more coming! LoViz and HiViz are in stock and I have a lot of customs that will be uploaded as I am able as well!

Our NoViz came back as flat black so they will be a blackout option and not officially NoViz but they are still REALLY cool! They are also the only finished blades I have ever seen to be sterile! No WRK&T or XK&T etching or logo's!

I will also have a VERY limited supply of Independence Day blades available in late June. I want to plan that drop so that everyone who jumps on it can get their knife in time for the 4th.

OH! And Workhorses! I am SO excited about the Workhorse! I will have 19 of those, likely first with leather sheaths then custom kydex. 9 will be available with kydex from Black Bear Custom Kydex and 10 with leather from Spirit Of The Bear Designs.

I think my next drop of knives, hopefully in time for Christmas or Thanksgiving, will be WILD! I might try to get 20-40 of each standard colorway at once so that I can keep them in stock long enough to keep you wild men satisfied!

Thanks for reading and sticking around. I know these blog posts aren't professionally written or reviewed and they may be tedious to read but I want them to be authentic and off the cuff. If nothing else you know when you get info from me it is genuine!

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