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Irons in the fire

So i have a LOT of project going on simultaneously.

Im hoping to have some special edition knives ready for independence day, i have a baker forge billet san mai billet waiting to get some amazing premium wood scales, and i have TONS of custom scale options in the works.

Now, i intend to always keep standard colors in stock with HiViz, LoViz and NoViz and generally speaking these custom options will range in cost from a little bit more than standard colors to WAY more (in the case of the baker forge billet or crazy customs like that) and sadly that's just the way it has to be. I want to keep my prices as low as i can but if i am going to pay for a premium product i habe to charge for a premium product, and the more special and fancy the options the more the cost.

With that being said in a world where a full tang Mora is $280 and i see astronimical prices everywhere i feel confident that even my hyper delux, rare, and special options will still be competitively priced.

Oh- im thinking of offering premium lanyards soon as well!

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1 Comment

Tino Bustamante
Tino Bustamante
Apr 15, 2023

Please keep me in the loop on your next sale email.

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