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Drop this Saturday- and a little secret

This Saturday is my last planned fully custom drop of knives. I have a variety of color options with stonewashed, ionbond black dlc coatings, and od green cerakote knives, and od green canvas micarta, natural burlap micarta, and black canvas micarta.

Lord willing there are enough knives so that if you are there the moment of the drop, which is noon central this saturday, you can get the knife you want. That is the goal, but you know it doesn't always work that way.

The little secret? Well I mentioned that this is the last "custom drop"- in the future special color combo's will be more rare than they have been so far because I am standardizing to simplify production and try to get my numbers up. You see, I have had some concerns about my modern super steels and synthetic materials- my customers much like myself often want to earn a patina, and the awesome modern materials I have been using don't lend themselves to that.

I believe I have figured out the best of both worlds... how can you earn a patina on s35vn super steel and micarta handles?

Soon there will be a way- visually, think parkerized steel with wood scales ;-)

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