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Diagonal/ Cross Cut Handle Material

One of the things i hyped up for the next drop of knives was cross cut natural canvas micarta.

In the past i have really liked this look, but on this batch it looks like it is a detail that might hardly be noticed.

I will have a few knives that are cross cut, so what i will do is test one and see if the detail really does come out.

The concern is that cross cutting the micarta will cost more- and i dont want to add ANY cost that isnt necessary.

With that being said, i want to offer knives that are EXACTLY what i want them to be- so if they DO turn out cool i will do them in the future! And if they arent worth it, i will

Anyways, ill have a few sets this drop and they wont cost any extra. Depending on how high the demand is i might sell them in a raffle or an auction so we dont crash the website and oversell.

Thats it for today guys- this will be a HUGE order so everyone should get what they want!

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