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Christmas Craziness

So as you well know Christmas craziness is fully upon us and things are getting hectic; especially with online retailers. I am running a special from now till the 15th where every HiViZ knife ordered will come with an OD Green lanyard to match the holiday vibe. I wanted to do this because I wanted to give people some kind of Christmas deal but also because if people are going to order I really hope that they do it before the fifteenth so nobody has an empty box of disappointment under the tree.

In other news (since I like hiding the juicy stuff in these blogs for the people who actually read them) next year I believe I will have my knives in A2, likely supplied with dymalux wood scales. I am unbelievably excited about this because as you may or may not know I ABSOLUTELY love a well patina'd high carbon blade. AND! To add a cherry on top I might talk to turnbull manufacturing about doing color case hardened knives and doing their amazing blueing on my knives as well! This would be a collaboration between the gun and knife industry that I think would literally blow some peoples minds even if they didn't know Turnbull! Their work is AMAZING!

If you are considering placing an order before Christmas but you don't want a HiViZ, but you DO want a lanyard, just let me know and if I have the colors I will hook you up. Also feel free to use coupon code "Blogger" for 10% off!

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