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Hey guys, its been awhile but i want this to be the place that you go for the most up to date news so with that being said here we go!

First the first XK&T knives ever released with my special custom made glowing natural burlap are in and they are AMAZING. These were made by Emil Epoxy Lab in Poland and they werent cheap, but i think they are worth every cent!

Here is a link to see them glowing, this is the first place where anyone will be able to see them glowing for a few days.

Second- when? The next drop of knives will be live on the website at Saturday the 18th at noon central time, and not all of the knives will be available as some will be held for a benefits auction to help fund the set up and toolings costs for the upcoming Legionnaire! That will cost $5.5k that i dont feel i can include in the cost of the blades, so i just need to suck it up if im not going to pass the cost to my customers.

Third- weird boxes and serial numbers? We havent quite squared the serial number situation away yet so in the mean time ill continue to write serial numbers on certificates. Also on this run we have WRK&T marked boxes; this was done on this small batch to minimize wait time and cost but in the future we will return to XK&T branding on the box.

For more regular content and pictures make sure to follow on instagram or facebook, but to MAKE SURE you dont miss any important news or drops make sure to subscribe to this blog and email list and MAKE SURE they aren't going into your spam folder.

Every drop i get email and message complaints that an individual didnt know about the drop until after it had sold out. I advertise drops as much as i can so if you want to MAKE SURE you dont miss something make sure to subscribe. I wish i could personally message everyone who wanted me to but it simply wont work, i can't keep up with all the requests and find them when the time is right.

Questions? Feel free to hmu!

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