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BIG Auction and Customs coming!

So its been awhile since I have blogged, I just got up a video with some teasers for those of you who pay close attention on why I chose S35VN. I do intend to do more video's of this sort in the future.

In this months sponsorship slot for the channel I have (*drumroll) ME! I am doing an auction on April 1st for some SUPER rare knives to include not only my non standard personally owned favorites, but also for the FIRST JACKALOPE EVER a pre production prototype with a different type of point, the first and only Legionnaire Field Knife proto, and a GUNSLINGER!

All proceeds from this auction will go towards the setup and tooling for Legionnaire production by WRK&T.

I will also have 2 things available in the auction who's proceeds with 100% be donated to knife rights!


Holy crap do I have some customs for you guys, from Baker Forge Billet San Mai steel to wood scales and crazy custom scales with bolsters and Japanese style custom wraps I have a LOT coming! These REALLY gucci options however will be quite expensive- there is just no way around that. Some of these options are going to cost me more than a standard production knife retails for! Heck some of these scales probably will!

I want to wrap up with 3 things-

The Gunslinger was finished by Bear Forest Knives and the Jackalope was donated by him. PLEASE follow him!

He ALSO donated a SWEET custom necker for the auction for Knife Rights! He is one of us!

THANK YOU for following me here on this blog, I want this to be the most personal place for you to come to get behind the scenes info and news and I GREATLY appreciate you being here!

And finally, a HUGE thank you with WRK&T my MFG- those guys are SO AWESOME and they are absolutely killing it to put out an AMAZING product! When you are looking for that next production knife please make sure to check out what they have! Especially their custom shop where you can get your favorite WRK&T knife is some CRAZY colors and options!

Well, that's it guys, thanks again!

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