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All knives are SHIPPED!!!

I am ready for Saturdays sale!!! (which will be at 8am Central time this Saturday the 7th)

If you want a knife with orange handle scales... be ready for a fight- NO Jackalopes with orange scales are left, and only 3 adventurecrafts with orange scales! Here's the breakdown.


Od Green Canvas Micarta Scales- 17

Natural Canvas Micarta Scales- 19

Orange G10 Scales- 3


Od Green Canvas Micarta Scales- 6

Natural Canvas Micarta Scales- 8

Orange G10 Scales- 0

I have a feeling these Jackalopes wont last long! Im not sure why Od Green has outsold Natural, which is the opposite of past experiences, but I think that once again Natural will be the favorite, as it ages and patina's so beautifully. Lets see who will be the first person to earn a patina on this s35vn!

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