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A drop is coming

An xk&t drop is coming, likely shipping out at the end of this week. I will of course be restocking adventurecrafts and jackalopes in LoViz and HiViz, but for the first time ever i will also have NoViz.

NoViz will be a special standard option where the entire knife ,handle, screws and all, will be cerakoted. I do not yet have the price for this option although i intend for it to be in line with my LoViz option, however in the future i would like to be able to offer this option as the cheapest option of the 3 factory standard colors as i think this would be a good way to use factory second handle scales.

In other news, bladeshow atlanta is coming up and WRK&T has informed me that they will have some special xk&t knives with topographical kydex available at the show! Im sure if any are available after the show they will be made available but xk&t knives usually sell out at bladeshow.

Also, the workhorse project is underway but i am not sure what handle material we will end up with. Garrett at BFK believes that with the brutal size of the workhorse my chosen walnut dymalux might not be up to the task- we will see! I purchased enough dymalux for the entire batch but i will be testing it on my personal knife before the rest of the knived are made to ensure that it will be a good match. If the dymalux isnt up to par i will likely instead be going with a simple natural canvas micarta.

I may be posting a special coupon code for those of you who are paying attention on this blog before this next drop which i hope will be available for sale next Friday, so keep your eyes peeled!

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