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45 minutes- be ready!

Here it comes! In 45mins i add stock to the website and the sale is live!

This is always exciting.

In the mean time did you know that i used to be known for big knives? Even HUGE knives?

Pictured here is the first design i did that really took off, the Super Khuk. I had a few prototypes but i had difficulty getting the design totally finished. I would say it was 80% done.

At that point i collaborated with Ross Gammons of Dry Creek Forge and he helped me get the handle done and the finished product was a game changer. Together Ross and I shook a lot of stuff up and the industry took notice- not that they wanted to give credit, you could simply see past their sneers into designs a year later that were heavily inspired.

These older designs of me are still in the plans for XK&T and their re release i truly believe will hit the industry far harder than they did with their original release because as premium manufactured knives in greater quantities they will be TRULY unique on the market.


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1 Comment

Rick C.
Rick C.
Feb 18, 2023

Why am I feeling a bit uneasy (inadequate?) about this meme? LOL...

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