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Revolutionizing the industry one detail at a time.

The go-to Hiviz colors that you are familiar with work in an urban environment, but they generally consist of colors that are common in the wilderness, which defeats the purpose.

Not only this, but when you REALLY need to find a knife, when the light is failing, the last color the human eye can see is RED!

Compound that with the international automatic association with red and white as a color combo that means EMERGENCY and its easy to see why outdoorsmen from hunting, bushcraft, and everywhere in between are turning to the XK&T HiViZ, making it one of our most popular color combos!

(Pictured survival kit by The Hidden Woodsmen)

Blade Finish- Red Cerakote

Scales- White G10

Kydex- Red


The design that kicked XK&T off- now flawlessly made in Michigan by White River Knives from S35vn. Each knife will come with factory kydex, and will be packaged in a custom wood box!


Steel- CPM S35VN Stainless

Blade- 3.15"

OA Length- 7.2"

Thickness- .130"

HiViZ AdventureCraft

  • Price is shipped within the US

    International shipping is extra

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