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Up to speed (and limited coupon)

So things have been wild over here at Exodus. I have 3 super, SUPER fancy AdventureCrafts being made from a Baker Forge Billet of San Mai steel featuring an 80crv2 core with cladding of wrought irons from a ships chain! These knives will feature very fancy scales and custom kydex! At least one of these blades will be given away, most likely at BladeShow Atlanta this year.

Stock remains strong on HiViZ knives as I have always intended. I have always advertised that it was my goal to keep standard color option knives in stock at all times if possible and HiViZ is the best color combo to do it in as it is the most practical. Currently for a limited number of orders you can use coupon code "HiViZ" for $15 off an AdventureCraft.

I have 2 WorkHorse knives in stock with Spirit Of The Bear Design leather sheaths. These knives are ABSOLUTELY AMAZING and only 19 of them will ever be available. I have another 5 coming in hopefully this week with Black Bear Custom Kydex sheaths as well!

Also coming VERY soon is a VERY limited run of pink AdventureCrafts with blue g10 handle scales and clear kydex. I didn't know any more of these knives were available but WRK&T had them and I told them I'll take em! These will be some of the VERY few that have ever been offered with clear kydex. Once they are in I'll try to give everyone the exact moment that they will go live on the website so everyone knows and can prepare.

Other exciting items include green/ orange, and natural layered burlap micarta that GLOWS and MUTANTS are FINALLY coming! This year will be the year! The first 25 mutants I intend to release with a NICE finish, desert ironwood scales and custom leather lookalike kydex!

Stick around guys, '24 will be wild!

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And for sale on line?

Replying to

I have a few of what was listed above online, and I'll have a bit more soon with these crazy customs as well after bladeshow.

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