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The largest drop EVER

My largest drop even is en route guys- Not only do I have more standard colored knives coming in, but I have some specials that will likely be sold via auction on youtube, or in other clever ways.

(That way I don't have items in 1's and 2's on the website that are in high demand- thats what causes the website to have issues)

I expect to have these up for sale 2 weeks from now, and I don't expect them all to sell out right away. (feel free to prove me wrong)

In total off the top of my head I will have 24 Jackalopes and 47 AdventureCrafts.

In other news, this may be my last run that is shot from the hip. I have done enough at this point to start nailing down a standardized color combo for my knives, and I will do large runs of special editions- as opposed to doing entire runs of varied colors as I do now. When I do do VERY limited edition customs, they will be much more premium options.

In other news, you will start seeing my knives more often on other websites like DLT, who just got their first shipment in and of course sold out right away. I think it took less than an hour, maybe only a few minutes!

And as a reward for anyone who has read this far, you'll here it here first- I am planning to do a Kickstarter in the month of June to launch my Legionnaire! This will be the biggest thing I have ever done- paying for 200 super premium, super custom knives up front. It is going to be HARD, but I think if I am successful it will shake the entire industry!

Thank yall for following this crazy train, and if you are hoping to grab your first xk&t skip the snacks and soda's for the next couple weeks because knives are COMING!!!

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