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Goodbye LoViZ? Maybe

Hey guys, so in my email I mentioned that my custom Parkerized blend of cerakote is going away...

What will it replace?

Let me first say that NoViZ will be an easier question to answer- it was always meant to be a camo, hard use type option so that option will be a fairly universal camo- likely Patriot Brown and od green kydex, although that is not set in stone.

LoViZ however was intended to be my primary color offering and they one I always kept in stock. The reason for choosing this custom plend of cerakote that looks like parkerizing, and for choosing natural micarta handle scales was to offer a blade that was reminiscent of a traditional knife that could earn a patina.

Parkerizing is a VERY old blade/ steal treatment and as cerakote wears I feel it leaves a good, worn look like a traditional blade; whereas our stonewashed uncoated blades go a LONG time without showing ANY wear or patina. Nearly indefinitely.

I WANT people to be able to show wear and be proud of it!

The natural micarta also developed patina with time soaking up oils from your hands and stains from blood and other things it comes into contact with, and it darkens and looks a lot more natural than a lot of other options- reminiscent of wood.

LoViZ however may not have to go through all of these steps to look like it has a classic finish or a high carbon steel- there is a possibility that my primary model could be offered in a high carbon steel that can develope a true patina, and using dymalux wood scales we can have true wood scales without the concerns of cracking, warping, expanding or shrinking that we would with normal wood.

I may be able to do all of these while keeping the blade as my most affordable and most stocked option. I believe this could an option that is most true to my brand and intentions.

If you read through all of this you are my hero. Until October 31st if you place an order with me leave "yes please" or "sticker please" in the notes section to receive one of my new premium stickers with your order!

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I just found an Exodus 4 (blk) in a knaf shoppe in Meridian Idaho. I am so STOCKED rn! I pick it up next Friday!

Replying to

Today is the dddaaayyyyy


I'm a fan of the worn (patina) look as well! Btw, great knives!!! I got the last LoVis Jackalope and I love this knife!⚔️

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