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Almost sold out

I have been blown away by the sales of the most recent run of Jackalopes, i was to give a huge shoutout to all my new customers and i hope the service the blade gives you over a lifetime far outweighs its initial cost.

Mixed in with the sales of those Jackalopes has been sales of LoViz AdventureCrafts and Jackalope's as well and stock on them is also getting low!

I believe my next run of knives will come sometime in April and i will be restocking not only LoViz and HiViz, but the first ever run of NoViz as well. I am somewhat concerned that i didnt order enough NoViz however- i guess the market will make that distinction and we will see!

I am excited to see what projects and adventures you guys complete with your new knives, if you take picture or video feel free to send them to me if you wish and i can post them! Gabe Of All Trades recently posted a shelter on instagram that he built entirely with his Jackalope, which is really cool!

We are moving forward with a new model soon, the Legionnaire, which will be our first combat knife, and its a doozy right out of the gates. As the name would imply it is based on a knife issued to the French Foreign Legion for nearly a century based on cut down American and British WW1 bayonets which were purchased by the train cart load. I hope to have this knife available next year, but MAYBE i could have some for Christmas? 🤷🏻‍♂️

Anyways, yall are great!

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