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All the knives have shipped!!!

Alright guys, I just packaged up everyones knives and Ill be dropping them in the post offices lap in a few moments. I can't imaging those folks love me much haha

Very soon I will have an equally special order of Jackalopes, or Exodus 4's- I am hoping to have that sale live this weekend or next, we will have to see when those knives come in.

With them will be a batch that is even more special, a few Mutants, or Exodus 5's. These are pre production knives that will never be made this way again- we will be changing the design for the rest of the production's future. I am VERY excited about this design.

For those of you looking forward further- today I am sending my Legionnaire Combat to be fully made in Autocad. If WRK&T and I can get the price right there may never be a Legionnaire Field. This knife I think will be absolutely unique on the production knife market in that it will have a fuller, special 2 color handle scales to pay homage to the original, and a guard- Lord willing at a price we can all afford, in super steel of course... unless I can talk them into making it in 8670 that is!

Are you going to BladeShow Atlanta? Make sure to hit me up while there! I am not sure whether or not I will have knives but I would love to meet you! Just don't be surprised when I look like an idiot when we meet for a moment, I am always surprised!

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