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It's been years, maybe even half a decade since the last The Hidden Woodsmen collab knife dropped and those traditionally were with LT Wright.

I am proud to carry on that torch and be the one making the 2024 THW collab, a special edition Jackalope with his logo, orange cerakote, either natural burlap micarta or od green canvas micarta with orange g10 liner, and the crazy cool Nemesis Camo Kydex!

Only 30 Burlap and 20 Od Green Micarta clad knives available for a total of 50! This is a one time opportunity, if I am able to do this collab again in 2025 the colors will be different.

Blade Finish- Orange Cerakote

Scales- Natural Burlap Micarta

Kydex- Custom Nemesis Camo


Steel- CPM S35VN Stainless

Rc. 58-60 Hardness

Blade- 3.88"

OA Length- 8.5"

Thickness- .130"

The Hidden Woodsmen Collab Jackalope- Natural Burlap

  • Price is shipped within the US

    International shipping is extra

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