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Parkerized Cerakote

So the standard colors of XK&T will revolve around a parkerized color- i want to envoke an old school practical use knife vibe while maintaining modern super materials and process' to give a knife that shows wear with use- without actual staining or damage.

This run you will see this color knife with natural scales (that are meant to hearken back to wood, and which will stain and patina with age and use) with green kydex, and a solid parkerized color over the entire knife, scales, screws, logos and all, also with od green kydex.

Picture shows parkerized color AC and JL in center, with black AC top, and Od Fc7 bottom.

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How is the finish when it comes to leaving marks behind? Any traces left behind when carving on light colored stuff? I really like the idea with it being so durable for the thickness, thought about having the local guy put some coating on a knife but I wasn't sure about the heat required. Now for the color end of the game, ever think of Gun Candy? My Grandson put some on a black rifle, gave it outrageous color up close but didn't pop at a hundred yards like a traffic cone, unique colors to be had.

Unknown member
Oct 14, 2022
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So when carving light colored hard woods you can get some color left behind, or when you are batoning through really hard stuff, but that dissipates with time, and i have had no issue with food. Any coating should be fine that isnt baked on. I dont think you want to get the knife up to anywhere around 300 and hold it there. I looked up gun candy and it seems to be a method of using cerakote that gives color gradiation and changes. I have something close to that planned ;-)

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