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All but 3 knives shipped! Canadian customers pay attention!

Alright guys- everything is shipped! Except for a few guys who need orange handles- those should be coming as we speak!

Canadian customers! For the first time ever I am seeing something about a duty- tax that is additional to shipping which can be paid by me or the customer- My international shipping is honestly already too cheap- so if your country charges you some additional tax on reciept- I am sorry, but I just can't know what countries do what anymore- so all I can say is that I ship as cheap as I can to my buddies who are out of country! It really bums me out to see shipping to Canada being more expensive that Germany, Belgium, England, Singapore, etc etc etc.

Anyways, I should have a few orange handled knives in soon for my existing orders, and hopefully in a month or less I have a secret boi run of knives coming in that will have a special- non stonewash finish... sssshhhhhhhhhh

Want to see tons of Xk&T pictures!? Please follow me on Instagram at exodusknifeandtool! Not only is it the best place to see all kinds of XK&T knives and prototypes- but you can share pictures of your own! And if you tag me in your pictures, I will probably repost them!

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